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Why Pertinax?

The potential commercial applications of Pertinax are many and diverse. CHX is readily available, has a well-understood mode of action and, as a consequence, is subject to lower regulatory hurdles in most applications compared with new biocides and antibiotics. CHX is considered a viable strategy to combat some of the problems of antimicrobial resistance, as biocides present a lesser risk in this regard. 

Our technology has been rigorously exemplified in a number of important dental and medical applications. Pertinax can be manipulated to meet a variety of clinical and healthcare needs.

Competitive Attributes

Pertinax has a number of compelling USPs. These will provide a competitive advantage over other CHX formulations and other biocide and antibiotics in all of our target applications.

  • Strong IP position with patents granted in GB and US and a PCT application in prosecution
  • Dental, medical and veterinary professionals already use chlorhexidine routinely in their daily practice
  • Proven bactericidal efficacy of CHX can be extended by days, months even years
  • Lower propensity to contribute to the growing threat of antibiotic resistance
  • Relatively straightforward and scaleable manufacture
  • Opportunity for high margins even in low value applications

Partnership Opportunities

We are actively seeking enquiries from medical device, dental material, oral care, wound care, pharmaceutical, orthopaedic and veterinary health companies who would like to explore the possibility of partnering one of our internal development programmes or the incorporation of our technology in their own development programme.

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